2012 Superbowl Ads

Yes there was a game played between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots yesterday which the Giants won 21-17. But apart from that, there’s always eyes on analysing and dissecting the TV ads during one of the most watched events on TV.


So here are some of the the 2012 Superbowl ads. At $3.5m for a 30 second spot in front of over 111 million people, you can be sure measuring Return On Ivestment (ROI) will be critical for those marketers and advertising agencies out there. How to measure? Pre and post Superbowl brand tracking studies, social media mentions, and sales over the short term and long term will all have been discussed as core metrics to determine success. From products ranging from chocolate to beer to cars to charity, success metrics will vary.

Many integrated call to action into their ads with social media playing a big part. Mashable.com put together an interesting analysis of the what took place in social media during the game, halftime and the ad breaks via BlueFin Labs who specialise in Social TV analytics.

But here are 5 of my favourites below. And yes, it’s always the funny ones that get me =)

1. M&Ms: “Just my Shell” – You can never beat dancing M&Ms!

2. Volkswagon: “The Dog Strikes Back” – If you are a Star Wars fan you will love this one.

3. Chevy: “Happy Grad” – Apparently this was a contest entry. Not bad. Very entertaining.

4. Doritos: “Man’s Best Friend” – Every year they come up with some gems. This one is yet another

5. Bud Light: “Rescue Dog” – HERE WE GO! Or is that WE-GO?


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