About Me

A way to share my thoughts on things that I’m most passionate about.

LA Lakers basketball team – Through thick and thin I bleed purple and gold! Been through the ups and downs having followed this team for over 20 years. From Magic/Worthy to Van Exel/Eddie Jones to Kobe/Shaq to Kobe/Gasol the Lakers always have that ability to build championship teams.

Sydney Swans AFL team – The Bloods. The Culture. Always a great team to watch.

Leadership – I’ve been privvy to working with some great and not so great leaders. It’s always an area that fascinates me. Are you born with it? Is it all common sense? Can you learn it over time? Why do you need it?

Marketing – No, marketing isn’t just about pretty ads in a magazine or a billboard. I could spend hours telling you the virtues of marketing and what role it plays. Yes, advertising is part of it, but just like an iceberg, there’s so much more underneath. Having been in the marketing industry for 10+ years, got an Honours degree in Marketing from Sydney Uni, and done my MBA from Macquarie Uni – I’ve got a few views to share.

And here’s a bit about what I’ve done:


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