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Does culture eat strategy?

An 18 month hiatus and a commitment to writing more regularly! I’m back.

Peter Drucker: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Believe it or not? Generally, strategy rules the roast and is seen as the more important side of the equation. To me they are equally important. Can’t have one without the other. It’s like a good sporting team without a good coach, or a good coach without a good team. To succeed you need both sides clicking.


I’m fascinated with how some leaders think culture is a function of HR thing or a marketing thing. Is it the responsibility of these departments alone? Culture is in every single person in the organisation. It needs to be. Win at all costs and not living the values of an organisation to achieve? That’s a no no in my book and leads to disruptive and unproductive practices, least of all it is very demotivating and demoralising. An organisation’s core assets are its people and without people, you don’t have the ability to execute strategy. To look after your people means to develop a strong culture, a bond, a commitment, and a willingness that you actually care and have empathy.

Too often leaders pay lip service to culture. Well, it doesn’t lead to a measurable Return on Investment such as hiring someone and getting x% growth in sales – so why should I really care right? I just want to make sure I hit that financial goal! What separates good leaders from others is a commitment to people and being measured not just on the what but the how. A great leader needs to understand the value of how.