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The Bloods…2012 Sydney Swans

Has it been that long since I wrote here? Well a lots happened since and no doubt the highlight was the Sydney Swans taking out the Premiership. Wins against Adelaide and Collingwood broke 2 hoodoos and the Swans made it to the big dance. Yet, very few gave them a chance against the favourite Hawks. And as the Hawks pulled away by 2 goals in the final quarter, the writing was on the wall. I’ve watched it over and over and was amazed at the courage and determination of the Swans never to give up. They could have packed it in and called it a “fine year” – a year that no one predicted they would go very far. But the Bloods were not to be denied. Without doubt one of the greatest AFL grand finals of all time. Still get goose bumps watching the final few minutes! A few of my favourite things:

1) From SwansTV: Premiership – The Directors Cut
Still get goosebumps watching this. Especially the images once the final siren sounded.

2) The McVeigh family

Something very close to my heart. Nothing more to say – the tears in Clementine’s eyes says it all. Check the video below for the inspirational story.

3) In the Winners Room with the Swans after the Grand Final

Great to see vision of Kieran Jack’s dad – former Balmain, NSW and Australian fullback- Garry Jack, as well as former Swans coach Paul Roos.

4) The Swans Ticker tape parade in the Streets of Sydney

Sydney siders rocked up to show their support for the Swans

5) The Usain Bolt sprint by Lewis Jetta V Collingwood in Preliminary Final

An amazing goal. Gotta feel sorry for the Collingwood defender…well… maybe not.